Sheeting & Cladding

Young & Co., have 40 years sheeting and cladding experience, serving the roofing and cladding market since 1972 with new-build and refurbishment applications in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

Young & Co., offer a full range of systems to suit every type of specification, installing Euroclad, Kingspan, Tata, SpeedDeck, Versa Steel and Britmet Tileform products amongst others, and our own Royaldeck’s’ standing seam product.

Range of Services:

  • Built Up Insulated Roof & Wall Cladding.
  • Composite Insulated Panel Roofing & Cladding.
  • Standing Seam & Secret Fix Roofing.


  • Range of plastisol coated profile metal roof sheets & cladding.
  • Great scope for aesthetic with an assortment of colours, finishes & profiles.
  • Asbestos free roof sheets.
  • Purpose made flashings & gutters.
  • Lining panels & insulation.
  • Complete over-clad systems.
  • Roof lights.


Roof Conversions

Flat to Pitch – Flat to Curved Roof Conversions

Ageing flat roofs can be problematic; the materials used on older roofs deteriorate under UV light or through the effects of standing water resulting in failure and leaks. These Problems can be solved and roofs completely transformed with a cost effective conversion to a pitched roof, achieved by the installation of an individually designed flat to pitch galvanised steel or timber structural frame system.

Benefits of Flat to Pitch Conversions:

  • Minimum disruption to the use of building and no problems with water ingress during the process of conversation as the flat roof remains intact.
  • Improve the aesthetic of the building with a variety of roof finishes available. Choose from traditional tile or slate, modern lightweight tile effect systems or metal cladding.
  • Enhance the thermal performance of the roof up to current building regulations and beyond with modern insulations, reducing carbon emissions and operating costs of the building.
  • Reduce the long term maintenance cost of existing flat roof and prolong life of building considerably.
  • Systems designed and tailored to suit structural requirements.
  • Controlled rain run-off.
  • Increases property value.


Slating & Tiling

A Roof is the more exposed to the effects of rain, snow, solar radiation and atmospheric pollution, than any other part of a building. Traditional pitched roof coverings such as tiles and slates are serviceable for many years whilst some flat roof coverings have a shorter life.

Pitched roofing has a high rate of runoff, provided that the detailing of laps and jointing is adequate, the materials on pitched roofs can have a long life.

Slates and tiles provide a semi-permeable barrier to rain, snow and wind and used in conjunction with an internal layer of impervious felt or sheet material are completely weather-proof.

Young & Co., carry out Slating and Tiling services on any sized project in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, providing quality workmanship and expertise in every roofing installation.

Slating & Tiling services offered by Young & Co.,:

  • Traditional Slate Re-Roofing.
  • Artificial Slate Re-Roofing.
  • Clay/Concrete Plain Tiling Re-Roofing.
  • Concrete Interlocking Tiling.
  • Incorporation of New Ventilation Systems.
  • Modern Lightweight Tile Form Roofing Systems.
  • Flat To Pitched Roof Conversion (see roof conversion)
  • Repairs & Replacing Broken Slate & Tiles.
  • Leadwork.
  • Reducing Chimney Stack to a Safe Level.
  • Rebuilding the Chimney Stack.
  • Replace Chimney Pot, Cowl & Flaunching.
  • Redressing Lead Flashings.
  • Point New Step and up stand Flashings.


Maintenance & Repair

Planned, Preventative and Reactive Maintenance & Service

Young & Co., can offer the complete service, for both planned, preventative and reactive maintenance to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

All properties require regular maintenance and repair to ensure they are kept in good condition and help avoid any long-term damage and increase roofing/building life span.

Young & Co., can undertake annual or bi-annual maintenance that includes a gutter clean and maintenance report issued to you detailing our findings and recommendations.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning of guttering and removal of debris to prevent blockages and overflow issues.
  • General inspection of the roof area and gutters with maintenance report (Inc leak detection, damage inspection, identification of any noticeable loose flashings fixings etc…)
  • Emergency call outs
  • Remedial treatments

Maintenance solutions tailored to suit you

Roofs are durable and do not require maintenance very often. Normally one or two visits a year are sufficient; however we are willing to provide inspections whenever you need us including emergency call outs.


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